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    Shri Kanak Vardhan Singh Deo

    Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister

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    Dr. Arabinda Kumar Padhee, IAS

    Principal Secretary, Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment

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    Director of Horticulture

Welcome To FPO Odisha

FPO Odisha is an information and business facilitation portal aimed at bringing all the stakeholders in the FPO ecosystem on a common forum for business linkage, information exchange and relevant services, keeping FPO as the primary stakeholder.

The portal has features and integrations which help the stakeholders to create and administer their own account, connect to relevant stakeholders, create business linkages, get information on schemes relevant to FPO and avail knowledge resources in the ecosystem. Posting grievance, availing services from other government service platform, and getting latest FPO announcements are other services available for stakeholders. Key features of the portal include:

  • Online enrolment for stakeholders.
  • Access to information on all FPO relevant schemes digitally form a single point.
  • Online Profile and membership management.
  • Online stakeholder mapping and connect.
  • Integration with e-licensing for seed, fertilizer, and insecticide.
  • Integration with Farmer registration portal for KYC free membership addition
  • Digitalization of stock and warehouse management by FPOs
  • Real-time aggregation and demand management by FPOs and digitization of records
  • Digitization of sales record
  • Query and grievance posting
  • Access to digital knowledge resources

With these features, the Portal brings a few services to the stakeholders' fingertips without any physical touchpoints. With increased stakeholder engagement, it is expected to house advanced features and services for business facilitation.

Key Features of FPO Odisha portal

Striving towards collective enhancement of production,
productivity, and profitability of farmers


FPO provides economy of scale through collectivization at forward and backward ends of the value chain. By aggregation at buying & selling ends and value addition FPO ensures better income realization to its farmer members.


FPO can access information on schemes relevant to FPO in a synthesized manner. Details on Support components, Eligibility criteria, Process of Application and Required documentation for application for each of the schemes can be accessed here. Scheme guideline document can be accessed for more information on scheme. Currently total 13 schemes including central and state schemes with support components for FPO are detailed on the portal. List of schemes is as follows


Stakeholders can enrol on the portal & update their profile to avail various benefits from the ecosystem. Farmers, FPOs, Traders and Farmers are the key stakeholders. Enrolment feature provides the stakeholder the ability to create and administer their own account, update respective profile and digitization of records. For FPOs, the updated profiles provide institutional summary of the FPO, Financial strength, business summa Output and aggregation details of FPO, Input requirement of FPO. This helps othe, r stakeholders including traders, input sales providers, granting organizations, government etc to brief on FPO and connect further with FPO of interest. In case of FPO enrolment Name of the FPO, FPO Contact Number, Email, District, Block, Gram Panchyat, Village, CIN Number/Registration Number are the data required for enrolment


Any stakeholder from the ecosystem can view, show interest and connect with FPOs and Traders enrolled on the FPO Odisha portal through search feature. In case of FPO search FPOs can be searched using Location, Commodity/Crop and Turnover. FPO located a specific District, block, dealing in specific commodity and having a certain range of Turnover can be filtered in one go. Institutional, financial, and business summary of the individual FPO can be viewed on clicking on the search results. Form here a stakeholder can send a message to connect with the FPO, like FPO profile and share profile on social media profile



Enrol on the FPO portal and access benefits
from the ecosystem

Find Better and More Options to Buy, Sell and Bargain!

Enroll here and take advantage of
  • Direct Connection to Buyers & Traders
  • Manage and Increase membership
  • Generate sales order to buyers and sellers from one point
  • Apply e-Licenses for Seed, Fertilizers, Pesticides
  • Know about Government schemes
  • Keep updated on latest development in FPO ecosystem
  • Other important links

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One Stop marketplace to Source Agriculture produce across the State Of Odisha!!

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  • Direct connect to FPO for substantial volume, variety and good quality of commodities
  • Assess FPOs and send business queries directly
  • Access and accept sales order directly
  • Connect with logistics services
  • Keep a stalk for organizational sales and administration through dashboard and reports
  • Market visibility and outreach

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Farmer Producer Organisation | Song | Odisha

Farmer Producer Organisation | Song | Odisha

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