Phase 2 of the PSFPO project started in October 2023 with a strategic focus on accelerating business growth of FPOs through increased market access and private sector engagement, efficient implementation of FPO centric schemes with focus on value chain upgradation and income enhancement. The mandate is to build on the achievements of PSFPO 1.0 by leveraging insights gained from the experience and success of the previous phase, the second phase of the PSFPO Project was initiated in November 2023.

The project will continue to upscale support and accelerate business growth for FPOs with the following mandates:

  • To provide program management support and assistance for the implementation of Support to FPOs and PHM & Market assistance schemes under Directorate of Horticulture, Odisha.
  • To facilitate increase in market access for the FPOs (at least 20% of the FPOs) through increased in private sector engagement streamlining better aggregation, price discovery, value addition, procurement, marketing.
  • To accelerate business growth of the FPOs (at least 20% of the FPOs) resulting increase in annual business turnover and increased farmer participation.
  • To facilitate access to credit support to the FPOs (on SAFAL portal) through banks and NBFCs with availing credit guarantee fund facility set up by the Govt.
  • To promote 100% digitization of the FPO profiles through FPO Odisha portal with scope for online market connect.
  • To conduct policy research and advisory, knowledge management and coordination with other stakeholders for strengthening FPO ecosystem in the state.
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