Transforming the FPO Ecosystem in Odisha

The promotion and stabilisation of Farmer Producer organizations (PSFPO 1.0) program was initiated in the year 2020 with a mandate to help build an inclusive, collaborative ecosystem in Odisha that achieves increased profitability and sustainability of farmer collectives and improves income gains from agriculture for small-scale producers in a gender-inclusive way. The project was launched under the Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment, Government of Odisha.

The phase-1 of the project focussed on building an institutional ecosystem and network that can support farmer collectives in the state and provide the government with strategic insights for strengthening FPOs in the state of Odisha. This initiative has been a collaboration between international non-profit organization Tanager and global consulting firm -Palladium Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Tanager lead the project with focus on strengthening and developing selective FPOs as model lighthouse FPOs. Palladium has been the Technical Support Unit to the Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Odisha in the project.

A multi-pronged approach was adopted to build institutional network at Government, FPO and ecosystem level.

Government level FPO level Ecosystem level
To design policy initiatives, schemes, and mission documents for supporting FPOs in the state. To strengthen government’s capacity at State, District & Block level for guiding and facilitating the ecosystem for FPOs. To support Govt. to establish digital governance and performance evaluation for the implementation of CSS-10,000 FPOs scheme.
To strengthen priority crops value chain covering 10 – 15 FPOs in the state. To establish 10 Model/ Light House FPOs by building institutional mechanisms for market access, profitability, and sustainability of FPOs, while accelerating their adoption of innovation and technology. To develop business plan development and conduct training and capacity building of FPOs.
To enable strong linkages with the private sector, credit & finance, and attracting investment in inclusive value chains. To organize Knowledge and learning events, FPO conclave and stakeholder consultation workshops. To establish partnerships with various agencies NGO’s/ RI’s/ CBBOs/ Organizations for maximizing outreach of government programs and enhanced FPOs performance and profitability.